The hunger

Today we have to choose a book among 5 to read. Our options were: Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children, the book thief, ender’s game, twice toward justice and the hunger games. The book I chose was the hunger games. I chose it because I have seen the movie and I think I will like to read it too. On “” The book is rated as a bestseller and the reviews looks very promising. Hunger_games


Happy new year!

Today is the first day with English class in 2013. After a long and quiet holiday break with a not so quiet new year’s eve at the end, it was OK to get back at school. 2012 is a year I will remember for a long time; among other things I completed my old school Vøyenenga and started here at Sandvika, a big change!


Edward scissorhands

Earlier today we watched the movie “Edward Scissorhands.” The movie is about a man called Edward who has lived alone in his scary castle outside the community for many years. Edward is not entirely normal, because he has scissor as hands. His hands does cause some problems, but he is solving oriented and does not give up. It turns out that his scissor hands can be pretty useful, among other things he is able to cut and form the hedges in the neighborhood and cut hair in fancy forms. The ladies in the suburban neighborhood are really curious about the man with the strange hands and it causes a lot of fuss. In the end of the movie Edward gets into a conflict with a bad guy named Jim who want to hurt Edward, Jim is a coward and make Edward do a really bad thing as steeling. It ends with Edward going back to his black castle after killing the bad guy Jim, but Edward did not do anything wrong really.

The movie made a bit of an impression on me on this early Tuesday morning. I think the movie is about being open for new people without having prejudices and to help the ones who falls outside the community. At first sight Edward seem really scary and mean, but after we “get to know” him we learn that he would not even hurt a fly. Edward might have an handicap, but in addition to that he had a really big talent, so rather focus on the positive and that he had a big talent instead of his handicap and the negative. I think Edward was a really inspiring person. He knew he was different and tried to not let the mean comments go in in him and rather to adapt to the suburban life and be open for new things. Edward is a strong person, and reminds me to not have prejudices and give people a chance before judging them.


Christmas tree

It is an annualy tradition in Oslo to give away a nice and tall christmas tree to London. We do this to thank the for the help they gave us during the 2nd world war. During the 2nd world war the englishmen was a lot of help to us. We were small and weak and luckily we had Engalnd as a bigbrother to help us out.


The 11th hour

Today we watched about half of the movie the 11th hour in class. The movie is made by Leonardo di Caprio and have won several prices for its focus and seriousness on the global warming and the environment in general.

We did not watch the movie for no reason; of course Ann had an agenda! She divided the time in three and everybody had to take notes. I started with taking notes with just pen and paper and this is still the one I remember best. After a while we changed and the assignment was now to take notes on a Google doc, which was shared with several other students. I found the Google doc noting a bit disturbing because when I wrote something there might be a person writing the exact same thing, or delete what I just wrote.  After the not so successful Google doc noting there was OneNote – noting on the plan. I am very used to one note and I find it very easy and useful to use. If I should arrange the three different noting types I would place original pen and paper writing on top followed by one note and then google doc at the very end.


–          With writing a blog I feel more “pressure” to make it good and just not scrabble something on the paper last minute. But that also makes me reserve myself so that I sometimes do not use new and special words because I am more afraid to be wrong.

–          I think the use of blogs reduce the difference between everyday life and school. Today we use internet and computers a lot at home and some even writes spare time blogs, I think blogging is a good way to learn.

Election 2012

This post is written by Haakon, Heidi & me.

You can find our assignment here, but basically we found questions regarding the election today and we’ve answered them here.

How much money have the two parties spent and raised during the campaign, as of today?

Combined, according to NYTimes, the two parties have spent $1605.2 million.
They have raised a total of $1815.8 million (As of today).

Obama has raised a total of $934 million and used $852.9 million, which means that he has $134.7 million in hand. At the same time Mitt Romney has raised $881.8 million and he has spent $752.3 million. If you did the math Romney has $193.3 million up his sleeve.

According to NYTimes both parties used most of their money in September.











The top three donors are:

For Obama;

Fred Eychaner
An Obama bundler and Chicago media mogul. – $3.5 million
James H. Simons
President of Euclidean Capital and Board Chair of Renaissance Technologies Corp., a hedge fund company. – $3.5 million
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Chief executive of Dreamworks Animation. – $3 million

For Romney;

Sheldon Adelson
Billionaire casino owner and Newt Gingrich’s longtime friend and patron. – $10 million
Miriam Adelson
Physician; wife of Sheldon Adelson. – $10 million
Bob J. Perry
Houston homebuilder who was a major financier of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004. – $10 million

When I here refer to Obama & Romney, I do actually mean Barack Obama+Democratic Party + Priorities USA Action Super PAC and Mitt Romney + Republican Party + Restore Our Future Super PAC.

What will be the consequences if Obama is reelected? What will happen is Romney is elected as president?

I found a great list of consequences if Obama is reelected. Depending on where you stand they can be good or bad.

– Making education and training a national priority
– Building on our manufacturing boom
– Boosting American-made energy
– Reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more
– Ending the war in Afghanistan, so we can do some nation-building here at home
– Ending tax deductions for companies shipping jobs overseas
– Investing in domestic energy sources including wind, solar, clean coal, nuclear, and biofuels
– Doubling fuel economy of cars and light trucks to 54.5 mpg by 2025
– Recruiting and preparing 100,000 math and science teachers
– Cutting taxes for small businesses that hire new workers or increase wages
– Oppose efforts to gamble Social Security on the stock market
– Stop proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system
– Possibly nominate up to 4 Supreme Court justices

What will be different if Mitt Romney is elected?

– There will be less tax.
– His health care plan will make you pay for basic services.
– He supported the invasion of Iraq, will he make the army invade once again?
– According to Wikipedia, his goal is to make 12 million new jobs in his first period, if elected.
– Romney believes the government should invest more in technologies that will help the United States, such as powergeneration, fuel cells, nanotechnology, and materials science. (Source)
– He called Russia’s president Vladimir Putin a threat to the stability and peace of the world. If elected they will probably not be more of a threat after this statement.

No one really knows the true consequences, they can predict, but never be 100% accurate.

Obama VS Romney
The main difference between the two candidates’ political view is more than one thing. I will write about some of the differences here, but not about all of them.
The economy is the most interesting and important question in this campaign. Obama will repeal President Bush’s tax cuts for household earning more than 250 000$. Obama wants lower taxes on manufacturing industry and stimulus spending and tax cuts to grow the economy. Romney wants to make Bush taxes permanent. He wants to preserve across the board to 25%. Romney wants to cut taxes and regulations to encourage business.
Health is another important issue. In 2010, Obama signed the healthcare bill. Obama wants health insurance for everybody. He wants to people without insurance to buy it. Romney wants to invalidate Obama’s health law, even though he signed a similar law in Massachusetts. Mitt Romney also wants to hand over most of the health policy to the states.
Obama used his presidency to give a group of illegal immigrants the rights to live in the USA. Romney criticizes Obama on this topic, but he says he won’t invalidate the rules. Romney’s solutions include building a border fence.
Many women are very fond of President Obama’s support for women rights. Romney has another political view on women’s rights. Romney is against abortion, even if it is rape or incest and Obama is in favor of abortion.

Who will become Americas next president?
– Most likely Obama will continue to be the president of the United States, even though it will be a tight race with Romney.

And as always, thanks for reading!


Alaska is a state in America, to be exact it is the 49th one. Alaska is really deserted and if New York has had as low population as Alaska does, there would live 16 people in New York. The capital in Alaska is Juneau, but other famous places is among other the 15 national parks and the stunning nature that surrounds you. The aboriginalsin Alaska is called inuits. The inuits are still living really primitive so there is several conflict connected to them and the modern society. In Alaska it is really cold, so it can be a really hard life to live there.

Formal and informal writing – Early election

I think that we should be allowed to elect earlier than todays age limit of 18. I’m 16 myself and I feel ready to vote! Politic has several themes; a very important one is school. I think that since we are the ones going to school, we should have an opportunity to help chose about our everyday. When you turn 18 and get you permission to vote you are almost done with school, and then you are suddenly going to have something to say? I don’t think that you grow so much in to years anyway.

In Norway the age of majority is 18. Among other things the age limit is doing so that people under 18 does not have the same opportunities to select who is in charge and the politic in Norway. Many people mean that the youth should have more to say in the community and will therefore lower the majority age to 16. With the thought of all the money that are being spend on schools, spare time, sports and other things that has to do with the youth, It makes a lot of sense that they are going to participate to determine such kind of things. On the other hand people say that the higher age the more knowledge you have and that the youth of today are too selfish and to immature to have something to say in the community. With these conclusions made, maybe the age of majority is just right?

– The two paragraphs above shows examples of formal and informal writing. The one at the very top is my example of informal writing, you can see that it is more contractions and my own opinions. The one at the bottom is my example of formal writing, I have used more advanced words and a different language, it also is not all about “me.”

News Australia

A while a go in english class, we were set in groups of 3-4 and chose a country to learn and speak about. This morning we was yet again set in these groups and the assignment is to read a newspost from a local newspaper from the country we chose last time, as the headline says; Astralia!

The news piece I chose is about two burglars who has stolen values ofseverela million dollar. you can read the post here:

After we have done this first assignemnt of writing about this post, we are going to talk about it front of class