Alien Wedding

A couple were over-the-moon when photographer Lakshal Perera managed to capture them and the Milky Way in their wedding photograph. The image was captured in a single 71-second exposure as newly-weds Shirley and Warren Andrews stood very still. It was taken on a farm Deniliquin, New South Wales where the couple live.
Dosen’t this look like an alien wedding? I think so atleast. This picture was taken in Australia earlier this year, by the photographer Lakshal Parera . He managed to capture the milkyway above the newlyweds at their farm in New South Wales. Thr photographer took the picture bu using a long shutter time with his camera. The happy couples names is Shirley and Warren Andrews. I think this is a really inspiring picture, and that i rally catches my eyes.



2 thoughts on “Alien Wedding

  1. WoW! I agree, the sky looks really awesome and its a cool contrast to the bright light on the ground. As I understood, the camera man let the camera take the picture for a long time to catch up all the light in the sky. Am I right? Really nice blog btw, i like the ballons 🙂

  2. I really like the picture, and I think it was a nice article to write about, and you write well. I also like the balloon design because it was moving when you scroll on the page. Maybe you could have a bigger font? 🙂

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