We got this ass…

We got this assignemt in class: Testing of english dictionaries. we got a page with links to different online dictionaries and I tested almost all of them. Now the rest of this assignemt is to write about it on my superblog.

The one that i personally found the best was http://www.wordreference.com/es/.
I liked it very much beacause of these five reasons:

1. Fiew adds, and it looked very clean an easy at first sight.
2. It translated fast!
3. It translated to both english and spanish, which is very practical for me who has spanish as my foreign language.
3. It has a button where you can click and hear the pronouncment of the world you just typed.
4. It translates to both british and american english.

5. To benefit from the other blogs I tested this one has an easy name to remember, it even makes sense!


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