Alaska is a state in America, to be exact it is the 49th one. Alaska is really deserted and if New York has had as low population as Alaska does, there would live 16 people in New York. The capital in Alaska is Juneau, but other famous places is among other the 15 national parks […]

News Australia

A while a go in english class, we were set in groups of 3-4 and chose a country to learn and speak about. This morning we was yet again set in these groups and the assignment is to read a newspost from a local newspaper from the country we chose last time, as the headline […]


Norway is a country almost at the top of the globus and it contains a lot of mountains, fjords, hills, and snow not to forget a lot of nice people. Norway does not have so many citizens for its size, only 5 millions. The shape of the country is like a teaspoon, and the five […]

Short stories

Tuesday 9th October we was in groups of three and had to prepare an oral presentation where we compered two different short stories. I worked with Christina and Alida.  We chose: “puppies for sale” and “two kinds.” since the assingments was to talk about and to compare  two novels, we thought it was important to […]