Typical Roald Dahl, unexpected endings

I read the short story Lamb to the slaughter by Roald Dahl. Not unexpected the story had an unexpected ending; the police oficers eats all the evidence of the wife killing her husband. The rason for the tragical kill was that the wife where very unhappy with her marriage and it seems liked she felt trapped. the kill comes out of nowhere and she hitts her husband hard with a lamb leg, and he immediataly dies.The wife is very clever and know that the police very often find the murderer so she goes to the store and by dinner, when she comes back she calles the police and report her husband dead. when the polce officers arrives she explains how she found her husband tragically dead after her trip to the store. it all ends with the police officers wondering what killed the man. i found this story very interesting to read, as well as the task!


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