Norway is a country almost at the top of the globus and it contains a lot of mountains, fjords, hills, and snow not to forget a lot of nice people. Norway does not have so many citizens for its size, only 5 millions. The shape of the country is like a teaspoon, and the five millions is spread through the whole country, from Lofoten to Lindesnes. Even thoug I am Norwegian I sometimes find it hard to understand what they say in different places in Norway, this is beacause we have different dialects.

Norway for me is mostly described with our national day, May 17th. We celebrate our independence and constitution we got on the same day in 1814On that day many norwegians use something called “bunad” that is a national costume and you can see some versions in the picture beneath. If we get lucky the sun may show up to and you gather with your friends an family and eat alot of barbeque and icecream, meanwhile waving the norweagian flag up in the air.


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