Formal and informal writing – Early election

I think that we should be allowed to elect earlier than todays age limit of 18. I’m 16 myself and I feel ready to vote! Politic has several themes; a very important one is school. I think that since we are the ones going to school, we should have an opportunity to help chose about our everyday. When you turn 18 and get you permission to vote you are almost done with school, and then you are suddenly going to have something to say? I don’t think that you grow so much in to years anyway.

In Norway the age of majority is 18. Among other things the age limit is doing so that people under 18 does not have the same opportunities to select who is in charge and the politic in Norway. Many people mean that the youth should have more to say in the community and will therefore lower the majority age to 16. With the thought of all the money that are being spend on schools, spare time, sports and other things that has to do with the youth, It makes a lot of sense that they are going to participate to determine such kind of things. On the other hand people say that the higher age the more knowledge you have and that the youth of today are too selfish and to immature to have something to say in the community. With these conclusions made, maybe the age of majority is just right?

– The two paragraphs above shows examples of formal and informal writing. The one at the very top is my example of informal writing, you can see that it is more contractions and my own opinions. The one at the bottom is my example of formal writing, I have used more advanced words and a different language, it also is not all about “me.”


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