The 11th hour

Today we watched about half of the movie the 11th hour in class. The movie is made by Leonardo di Caprio and have won several prices for its focus and seriousness on the global warming and the environment in general. We did not watch the movie for no reason; of course Ann had an agenda! […]


–          With writing a blog I feel more “pressure” to make it good and just not scrabble something on the paper last minute. But that also makes me reserve myself so that I sometimes do not use new and special words because I am more afraid to be wrong. –          I think the use of […]

Election 2012

This post is written by Haakon, Heidi & me. You can find our assignment here, but basically we found questions regarding the election today and we’ve answered them here. How much money have the two parties spent and raised during the campaign, as of today? Combined, according to NYTimes, the two parties have spent $1605.2 […]