The 11th hour

Today we watched about half of the movie the 11th hour in class. The movie is made by Leonardo di Caprio and have won several prices for its focus and seriousness on the global warming and the environment in general.

We did not watch the movie for no reason; of course Ann had an agenda! She divided the time in three and everybody had to take notes. I started with taking notes with just pen and paper and this is still the one I remember best. After a while we changed and the assignment was now to take notes on a Google doc, which was shared with several other students. I found the Google doc noting a bit disturbing because when I wrote something there might be a person writing the exact same thing, or delete what I just wrote.  After the not so successful Google doc noting there was OneNote – noting on the plan. I am very used to one note and I find it very easy and useful to use. If I should arrange the three different noting types I would place original pen and paper writing on top followed by one note and then google doc at the very end.


One thought on “The 11th hour

  1. It is interesting that you prefer writing with pen and paper. Perhaps if we combined that with writing on a Google doc shared with class afterwards? Then you could share your notes and learn from others as well?

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