Edward scissorhands

Earlier today we watched the movie “Edward Scissorhands.” The movie is about a man called Edward who has lived alone in his scary castle outside the community for many years. Edward is not entirely normal, because he has scissor as hands. His hands does cause some problems, but he is solving oriented and does not give up. It turns out that his scissor hands can be pretty useful, among other things he is able to cut and form the hedges in the neighborhood and cut hair in fancy forms. The ladies in the suburban neighborhood are really curious about the man with the strange hands and it causes a lot of fuss. In the end of the movie Edward gets into a conflict with a bad guy named Jim who want to hurt Edward, Jim is a coward and make Edward do a really bad thing as steeling. It ends with Edward going back to his black castle after killing the bad guy Jim, but Edward did not do anything wrong really.

The movie made a bit of an impression on me on this early Tuesday morning. I think the movie is about being open for new people without having prejudices and to help the ones who falls outside the community. At first sight Edward seem really scary and mean, but after we “get to know” him we learn that he would not even hurt a fly. Edward might have an handicap, but in addition to that he had a really big talent, so rather focus on the positive and that he had a big talent instead of his handicap and the negative. I think Edward was a really inspiring person. He knew he was different and tried to not let the mean comments go in in him and rather to adapt to the suburban life and be open for new things. Edward is a strong person, and reminds me to not have prejudices and give people a chance before judging them.



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