The hunger

Today we have to choose a book among 5 to read. Our options were: Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children, the book thief, ender’s game, twice toward justice and the hunger games. The book I chose was the hunger games. I chose it because I have seen the movie and I think I will like […]

Happy new year!

Today is the first day with English class in 2013. After a long and quiet holiday break with a not so quiet new year’s eve at the end, it was OK to get back at school. 2012 is a year I will remember for a long time; among other things I completed my old school […]

Edward scissorhands

Earlier today we watched the movie “Edward Scissorhands.” The movie is about a man called Edward who has lived alone in his scary castle outside the community for many years. Edward is not entirely normal, because he has scissor as hands. His hands does cause some problems, but he is solving oriented and does not […]

Christmas tree

It is an annualy tradition in Oslo to give away a nice and tall christmas tree to London. We do this to thank the for the help they gave us during the 2nd world war. During the 2nd world war the englishmen was a lot of help to us. We were small and weak and […]

The 11th hour

Today we watched about half of the movie the 11th hour in class. The movie is made by Leonardo di Caprio and have won several prices for its focus and seriousness on the global warming and the environment in general. We did not watch the movie for no reason; of course Ann had an agenda! […]


–          With writing a blog I feel more “pressure” to make it good and just not scrabble something on the paper last minute. But that also makes me reserve myself so that I sometimes do not use new and special words because I am more afraid to be wrong. –          I think the use of […]

Election 2012

This post is written by Haakon, Heidi & me. You can find our assignment here, but basically we found questions regarding the election today and we’ve answered them here. How much money have the two parties spent and raised during the campaign, as of today? Combined, according to NYTimes, the two parties have spent $1605.2 […]


Alaska is a state in America, to be exact it is the 49th one. Alaska is really deserted and if New York has had as low population as Alaska does, there would live 16 people in New York. The capital in Alaska is Juneau, but other famous places is among other the 15 national parks […]

News Australia

A while a go in english class, we were set in groups of 3-4 and chose a country to learn and speak about. This morning we was yet again set in these groups and the assignment is to read a newspost from a local newspaper from the country we chose last time, as the headline […]