Norway is a country almost at the top of the globus and it contains a lot of mountains, fjords, hills, and snow not to forget a lot of nice people. Norway does not have so many citizens for its size, only 5 millions. The shape of the country is like a teaspoon, and the five millions is spread through the whole country, from Lofoten to Lindesnes. Even thoug I am Norwegian I sometimes find it hard to understand what they say in different places in Norway, this is beacause we have different dialects.

Norway for me is mostly described with our national day, May 17th. We celebrate our independence and constitution we got on the same day in 1814On that day many norwegians use something called “bunad” that is a national costume and you can see some versions in the picture beneath. If we get lucky the sun may show up to and you gather with your friends an family and eat alot of barbeque and icecream, meanwhile waving the norweagian flag up in the air.


Short stories

Tuesday 9th October we was in groups of three and had to prepare an oral presentation where we compered two different short stories. I worked with Christina and Alida.¬† We chose: “puppies for sale” and “two kinds.” since the assingments was to talk about and to compare¬† two novels, we thought it was important to chose two very different ones. we chosed two kinds beacause we found it interesting, and Ann also showed it too us. We chose puppies for sale beacause we were looking for a short shortstory and this one was very short, yet very moving.

Two kinds: The story takes place in Chinatown, San Fransisco. they have comed to the states with a agenda like many others; the american dream! The mother wants her daughter Amy to sucseed and to play the piano. The big dilemma is that Amy do not care too much about the piano playing and lets her mother down and makes a fool of her self at a consert. This shortstory is long compared to puppies for sale. So we used a little more of our time to work with it.

Puppies for sale: The story is about a farmer who has puppies from an expencive breed, for sale.As the farmer puts up the “for sale” sign a little boy wants to buy himself a puppy. ofcourse the boy can not afford the fine puppies with his little amounts of money but he gets a free look anyway. When the puppies come running out from their little house there is one little dog not managing to keep up the high tempo. The boy says: i want the one with the not-working leg. The farmer says that the puppy will never be able to run like the other puppies, ot neither with the little boy. Then the little boy shows of his broken leg with metal rails an says; the puppies need someone who can understand him, like me.

Obvioulsy this is the story that I worked the most with, and I liked it very much. In the story we learn that even though there is a big difference between pet and owner, there is a really big equality too.

The groop of me, Christina and Alida woked very well i think and ended up with a good grade on the presentation.


Typical Roald Dahl, unexpected endings

I read the short story Lamb to the slaughter by Roald Dahl. Not unexpected the story had an unexpected ending; the police oficers eats all the evidence of the wife killing her husband. The rason for the tragical kill was that the wife where very unhappy with her marriage and it seems liked she felt trapped. the kill comes out of nowhere and she hitts her husband hard with a lamb leg, and he immediataly dies.The wife is very clever and know that the police very often find the murderer so she goes to the store and by dinner, when she comes back she calles the police and report her husband dead. when the polce officers arrives she explains how she found her husband tragically dead after her trip to the store. it all ends with the police officers wondering what killed the man. i found this story very interesting to read, as well as the task!

Alien Wedding

A couple were over-the-moon when photographer Lakshal Perera managed to capture them and the Milky Way in their wedding photograph. The image was captured in a single 71-second exposure as newly-weds Shirley and Warren Andrews stood very still. It was taken on a farm Deniliquin, New South Wales where the couple live.
Dosen’t this look like an alien wedding? I think so atleast. This picture was taken in Australia earlier this year, by the photographer Lakshal Parera . He managed to capture the milkyway above the newlyweds at their farm in New South Wales. Thr photographer took the picture bu using a long shutter time with his camera. The happy couples names is Shirley and Warren Andrews. I think this is a really inspiring picture, and that i rally catches my eyes.


We got this ass…

We got this assignemt in class: Testing of english dictionaries. we got a page with links to different online dictionaries and I tested almost all of them. Now the rest of this assignemt is to write about it on my superblog.

The one that i personally found the best was
I liked it very much beacause of these five reasons:

1. Fiew adds, and it looked very clean an easy at first sight.
2. It translated fast!
3. It translated to both english and spanish, which is very practical for me who has spanish as my foreign language.
3. It has a button where you can click and hear the pronouncment of the world you just typed.
4. It translates to both british and american english.

5. To benefit from the other blogs I tested this one has an easy name to remember, it even makes sense!